Farm To Fork

Pizza Farm

This a crude traditional clay and brick oven that is made by hand and is often an excellent source for outdoor wood-fired pizzas


Explore the vineyards and walk

the vineyard trails.  Our winery

opens next spring.


Featuring Artisan "Wood Fired Pizzas" baked to perfection in a brick oven.  Pizzas are made with home-grown veggies, herbs and me ts sprinkled with a genuine love and quest for a sustainable environment, baked in an outdoor, wood-fired brick oven creating an unparalleled celebration of local flavor in southern Indiana.

Pizzas may be taken home as carryout or enjoyed "picnic-style" on the farm while watching the hills and trees glow in the sunset as you sit by the pond and bonfire.  Your 16" pizza will come in a cardboard box.  You supply your own plates, utensils, beverages, appetizers, etc.  Yes, you can bring your beverage including your own beer and wine .

Bring along your own blanket or picnic style table an chairs if you want to guarantee "elite seating."

Bonfire S'Mores

Gather around the bonfire and make

some s'mores.

The actual experience of coming to the farm, watching the pizza bake and living the whole farm experience can be an educational and fun activity for the family or the classroom.

What is a Pizza Farm?

A DIning Experience enjoyed by the whole family or classroom


Notice the non-traditional curves and lines of a typical pizza farm garden create artistic beauty in a sustainable environment while providing a real food source.

A true, all natural gastronomic adventure in the heart of the Hoosier National Forest where nature and wildlife abounds!

A Pizza Farm is a dining experience enjoyed by the whole family.   This pizza garden in the making shows how the herbs and vegetables sources are all planted in a pizza pie shaped garden with pathways where you and your family can actually see the plants being grown and help pick and harvest certain items for your pizza.