Close and personal at the petting zoo.

Interested in an Ag Classroom Project

at the Farm to Fork Pizza Farm?

This program helps teach school children  where the food they eat comes from.  One of our goals at the Farm to Fork Pizza Farm is to help promote community-based food systems and teach important nutritional components by eating non-processed whole farm-raised foods.  We have ample parking for school busses, but your driver should be skilled manuerving the bus on southern Indiana country roads.

How To Schedule an Ag Classroom at the Farm to Fork Pizza Farm

1.    Call 812-295-6235 to speak to Wendy about a date and time to schedule an Ag Classroom at the Farm to Fork Pizza Farm at Elk Ridge Ranch. 

Or send an e-mail to :

Subject:  Ag Classroom on Month, Date, Year.

2.  The teacher of group chaperone should review the materials before arriving at the Pizza Farm at Elk Ridge Ranch.  Our staff or your teachers can lead the lesson based on the advance discussion.

3.  Welcome Children.  Initial presentation will be held in the grain silo movie theatre to display the presentation on our 16 foot movie screen.  The kids will watch the 20 minute power point presentation.  Time:  20 minutes

4.  The children tour the farm and see the farm animals.  Plus they get to observe the garden and see what vegetables and herbs look like in growth stages.

5.  The lesson plan is handed out in the kitchen and we cook the pizzas in the Brick Oven at the Pizza farm.  Time Requirement:  60 Minutes.

It may be possible to adjust the plan to meet your time requirements.  Some sample handouts are listed below.

School children help build the labyrinth.

What is Grown in Indiana?

Indiana teachers, grade school students and families can schedule to take part in our Ag Classroom events.  Please call Dave at 812-709-0827 for more information.  We have been granted permission to use and adapt materials from Kathleen Reard and Kendra Wills, Michigan State University Extension Educators.




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