Our ultimate goal is to supply, raise or grown most of the ingredients that we serve on our pizza right here on our farm.  We realize that we have a lot to learn and many improvements to make on the farm to reach that goal.

Some items like flour, olive oil, maple syrup, cheese and many others, we don't produce here on the farm.  But what items we don't grow here, we will find from local farmers, local farmers markets and co-ops.  We will bring you the best locally-grown ingredients right here from Indiana.

Here is a list of some of our local suppliers:

Lost River Market and Deli, Paoli, Indiana

26 Library Street

Paoli, Indiana


Bloomingfoods Co-Op, Bloomington, Indiana

3220 East Third St

Bloomington , IN 47401-5427


Grounded Organic & Natural Foods, Jasper, Indiana

323 US Highway 231

Jasper, IN  47546



Just sit back, chill out, visit with other like-minded pizza aficionados and enjoy the energy, the wildlife and embrace the magic of real life.  It's a real, natural small family farm supporting itself entirely from our farm-based enterprises.   This farm has been in the same family since 1816.

Dave Marshall - I guess we are just doing many things pretty much the same way things have been done in these parts since the farm was settled in 1816.  We have a few modern caveats of course, simple farm work, natural practices and some straight forward permaculture farming methods.  Methods that require us to use practical common sense mixed with a hope for the best attitude  and a "bit of luck."  These days they call farming "permaculture."  That's short for earth care, people care and  fair share.  We just call it the right way to do things with what we already have.




Wendy Henry Marshall - After spending 20 years in a corporate job at a desk and on a computer, it's nice to get my hands dirty again and bond with nature on the family farm that's survived over 7 generations since 1816.

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