Farm To Fork

Pizza Farm

Go Digital Free at the Pizza Farm. 

Set good examples for our children.  Digital technology brings us a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips.  Knowledge is a good thing.  Healthy human interaction is still an essential ingredient in our children's lives. 

A Chance to Holster your Cell Phone

Our designated digital free zone on the farm is a chance for you to turn on and tune into your life, your spouse, your children and your friends.  We dare you to try it!


Carnivore, Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly


Technology Free Area

We have a designated area on our farm where you can communicate with your family and friends face-to-face and in person by actually speaking to them directly.  Sounds novel - doesn't it?  You can set up a table, spread out a blanket, grab a pizza and chill to the sounds of a guitar or electric piano and have a ball.  Who knows?  You may even meet some new friends - off line.

A Bit More About the Digital Free Zone

This Digital Free Detox Zone on the Farm to Fork Pizza Farm

  • First - It's only designated areas

  • It's not everywhere on the farm - We have wifi

  • Relax - Don't panic, you're going to be fine

On our Pizza Farm, you have the opportunity to be present in the moment, to be completely engaged in your face-to-face conversations with no distractions.  Enjoy the peaceful surroundings with fresh air and nature.

This is a chance to participate in your life at the Pizza Farm as it is happening in the "here and now." Enjoy a farm-fresh, locally grown, pizza dinner with friends and family without responding to text or email interruptions for a couple of hours.

One more simple request.  You must be present at the Pizza Farm.  This is not a webinar!

Why Digital Free at Farm to Fork Pizza Farm?

The majority of the Pizza Farm is digital, meaning where technology is OK for you to use.  We are experimenting with a designated area of our farm to see if customers will accept this and can face their digital addiction for just a couple of hours.

YES - Our Pizza Farm has wifi and like most businesses today we require the internet to conduct daily business and interact with our clients.  Digital technology is an important and necessary tool for our farm and for almost all businesses in our world today.  However, this is an experiment.  Yes, a social experiment at the Pizza Farm.

Our Mission (Well one of our Missions!) - A Digital Free Pizza Farm Zone

To inspire, empower and teach our collective generation how to create more mindful, meaningful and balanced lives both online and offline.  Just for an hour our two here on the Pizza Farm at Elk Ridge Ranch.

Why Digital Free Farm to Fork Pizza Farm Zone?

It's important to take a step back.  Press pause.  Give ourselves the opportunity to create healthy relationships without our technologies.  Let human interaction, not screens, determine the future of humanity.  Let's guide future generations towards healthier lives.  Together,  let our families define what it means to be truly connected, the good ole fashioned way on the Pizza Farm at Elk Ridge Ranch.

Serious Health Benefits of Unplugging at the Farm to Fork Pizza Farm

t's O.K. not to be connected 24/7.  November, 2015 France proposed a new law that employers can not send e-mails to their employees after 6PM or on an employee's day off. So, take a real day off at the southern Indiana Pizza Farm at Elk Ridge Ranch.

Baby Steps to Make Digital Free Changes - Try an Hour or Two on the Farm

Learn how to properly unplug for even a couple of hours has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, decrease depression, tech dependency, fatigue and information overload!  Just add fresh air, putting ground beneath your feet with the earth and eat clean food at the Pizza Farm at Elk Ridge Ranch.  You have the recipe for bliss!

When we learn to build healthy relationships with digital devices, we can reconnect with nature at the Pizza Farm.  We build a foundation to future success and sustainability.  We improve at our jobs, our personal wellness and happiness.  So, unplug and enjoy the true benefits of life on the Pizza Farm at Elk Ridge Ranch.

Unplug Techies & Plug into Nature

at the Farm to Fork Pizza Farm

To truly experience the Pizza Farm, we challenge you to unplug your digital device and plug into nature.  Go ahead and use your camera to take a few memorable shots of the evening.  Let yourself relax and chill out at the Farm to Fork Pizza Farm at Elk Ridge ranch.  A real old fashioned adventure!  Go old school!